About the Trend of Artificial Intelligence in 2023


Technology is the best thing we can enjoy in this era because technology helps us to grow and advance. Technology is the best way to use the tool, knowledge, craft, system, or method used to solve some issue.  Technology always brings happiness to our life because the techniques we got from tech-savvy are always helpful for the masses.

Explanation of Artificial Intelligence

The word AI is first used in 1956 at an educational institute name Dartmouth College. Artificial intelligence is a substance that is created by human and can be used to perform tasks without instructions easily. Artificial Intelligence is used to change the things in future in many ways. It will also help in our daily life or also in the health department to moniter the patient in real-time, and collect genetic information.AI is helping to solve the issue in cyber issues. Cyber cells use artificial technology to find cybercrime locations or suspects. Yes, we are using AI but not knowing them too much and I do hereby you the examples like Siri, Spotify, Google Maps, Youtube, etc.  The most beneficial technology for us in 2023 would be Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of the masses nearly across each and every. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is really solving our problems. The technologies are covered under NLP which is a short form of Natural Language Processing like big data, robotics, IoT, and more to introduce.

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