New Covid-19 Variant 2023


Recently, Experts confirmed Indian’s First case of the XBB.1.5 subvariant of omicron was in Gujarat on December 31.There has been an increase in cases of XBB variant around the world CDC says.
XBB makes up to 40% of new infections across the US.XBB.1.5 the new Covid variant spreading rapidly over 70 countries, such as India and Singapore. It caused more than 65% of the infections in India in November 2022.According to researchers We have more than 275 cases of XBB in Maharashtra . In order to keep themselves safe the Government has advised wearing of masks, maintain Social distancing.
and sanities. The world health Organization (WHO) in October 2022 Says there are many infections so relax there is nothing to worry about!
People are worried about new Covid variant and how much it is dangerous in India? and what are the symptoms of XBB. So don’t worry! you are at the right place. Here you can read important information related to the new Covid variant confirmed by researchers.

What is XBB

XBB is a Combination of two Omicron Sub-variants, BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75. According to reaserchers data It is a part of the Omicron genetic family. it is highly transmissible and escape pre-existing immunity.The global presence of XBB.1.5 isn’t clear yet, although its parent strain has been detected in almost 35 countries.
XBB.1.5 variant is a recombinant, which means its genomic sequence is the product of the genomes of two different strains combined together. mutation of XBB.1.5 is defined as F486P. It is as immune-circumvention as XBB.1.It is better on indissoluble to ACEZ taker in the particular body as opposed to XBB or XBB.1.So XBB.1.5 is very fast transmissible. While the earlier variants of coronavirus of Delta were death-dealing and impact on the lungs,causing breathing issues,fall in oxygen Saturation and other Symptoms,But the most reported Symptoms of XBB are here.

•Sore threat
•Running nose
•Upper respiratory tract
•Nasal Cavity
•Mouth and throat
•Muscle pain
•Changes in sense of smell
•Hearing loss
•Pain in chest and shaking

In India most of the people are vaccinated with 2nd and even booster doses. Researchers confirmed XBB can cause reinfection in people who have already catch Covid-19 earlier. It can also infect people who have already received both the vaccine shorts. However, it is not as deadly as the Delta variants and variants found in 2022. Also, India reported an average of 158 daily cases during the end of the year 2022.As we all know precaution is better than cure that’s why government has advised people to wear masks, maintain social distancing and Sanitize to avoid future problems related to health because Health is wealth. Good health leads to happiness. Living a healthier lifestyle means a lower risk of developing many illnesses. Regular exercise can lift your mood and help you feel better So, Don’t panic and follow the guidelines released by government follow your daily routine.

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