History of Elon Musk

History of Elon Musk

Our generation has seen many astonishing achievements in technology. And for this we say thanks to Elon Musk, the most capable and famous entrepreneur of the 21st century. Elon musk who started Paypal is the founder of Tesla and Spex. Elon Musk is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $190 billion. Elon Musk born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Early Life

Musk was born to a south african father who was a successful engineer and a canadian mother who was a model. He showed an early talent for computers and entrepreneurship. A video game he sold at the age of 12 to a computer magazine which shows his talent towards technology. In 1988,he left south africa because he searched for the greater economic opportunities available in the united states.

How Elon Musk Built His Empire

Elon Musk made the most of his money through several successful business investments.Mr Musk went into online banking and payments with delegate businessman

his involvement in the business make a profit of $180 million in october 2002 when paypal was grabbed by ebay. With the ambition of colonizing mars using accessible rockets he founded spacex in march 2022.he cultivate $6 million into tesla, but spacex took off in 2008 after writing a $1.6 billion deal with nasa and in 2012 model s (tesla’s first vehicle) went into production. Now spacex is nasa’s copartner in missions.

Success Secrets of Elon Musk

Highly Competitive

Elon’s first wife, Justine Musk dated him during college and recalls that he was highly competitive. When once she scored a 97 to his 98 on an exam, he convinced the professor to revise that test score so that Elon wound up with 100.


The determination of Musk to sleep under his desk at the tesla factory so he could rise in the middle of the night to fix defective robots. He spend 24 hours of his 47th birthday there, that determination allowed him to meet the ambitious goal to complete the deal of more than 50,000 cars in the third quarter of 2018, a big step toward securing tesla’s future. Tesla made almost twice that number of cars a year later in three months.

Short Time Deadline

Elon’s belief in himself makes him the wealthiest entrepreneur that can achieve anything in a short time whether others does the same work in a long time.

Self Education

Eon believes in the quality of education. He told schools and colleges are not a guarantee of your success. Biggest example of elon’ thinking is employees working in tesla even if several employees do not have any degree. There is no need of degree for working in tesla.

Quick Decision

Musk’s quick decisions made him the famous entrepreneur and wealthiest person in the world. Musk’s fastest decisions (he entered the world of technology soon) surprised the whole world. We will see those decisions which made him the king of 2022.

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