New Year Celebration Tips

The New year is celebrated on 1st Jan. This is the time to start new hopes, expectations, dreams. It’s  a time for people to leave all the bad experiences in previous year and take a step into the new year with positive energy . What better way to do that than to  celebrate new year  at home by spending Some quality time with your family at home?  Not only will this assist you bond like an family, but it will also assist  you to make some good memories with your loved ones. Well, are you thinking about how to devote this special fixed time? You Can select from fascinating New Year’s Eve activities.

Ways to Celebrate New Year Eve :-

Decorate Your home 

You can decorate your home with Gold and Silver Colour can choose colourful curtains and Cushions for your room.Make  Sure your sofa Talks to your chairs. Lightning in the rooms enhances the beauty of your home.

Theme Party 

A Bollywood-themed Panty brings magic, light and fun into everybody’s lives, including the host you can celebrate  your new year eve with bollywood retro dress code. Here the retro period refers to the fashion trends of 1960s and 1970s which gives you happiness and you Can fun Save these memories with Phone Camera and create new year album for future Joy.

Celebrate Food Diversity

If you are a family of foodies, this one’s for you. welcome the new year Special food diversity -themed dinner. Draw up a menu that includes spicy dishes from various Religions in the Country  or even from different Parts of the world. You can  add deserts, sweets after a spicy dinner Party in the menu chart.

Have a Good Laugh

Assemble in the drawing room and go on a memory trip, remind about all the good short of the year or even the happiest little incidents. It’ll fill you with happiness and hope as you try to  welcome the new year. Spending quality time with your loved ones gives you true pleasure, which helps to create Strong bond with your family and friends.

Make Gift Cards 

You can make Special Gift Cards for your loved ones on New year’s Eve, write the best ‘You Make me happy because….’ note for everyday in the Family and write a dedicated minimum of Four lines Poem. On the front Page of the Card you can draw a cartoon of that person that brings a Smile to his face.

New Year Resolution 

Don’t go to the public if you are not ready, better yet, don’t go into a resolution until you are ready. But when you are ready, it’s time to share your Resolution with others.set better boundaries. Setting limits is one of the most courageous things we can do.

Make Wishes 

Get out of the wish Jar and tell your dear one  to write out a few maker new year wishes, Keep a Point in mind, wishes should be easy, and execute and write your wishes on. the chit, don’t write your name on the Chit and Put in the Jar. When everyone writes their wishes read one by one and try to  make that wish true and Do whatever written on that chit. This activity gives you Joy, happiness and makes your New year memorable.

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