What Is Breast Cancer? How Women Self Check at Home.

Breast cancer mostly occurs to women’s but also in men. If you are teenager,between 30-40 years old women or even a man who wants to know about breast cancer than this article is for you. Like menstruation cycle. It is a type of body condition that occurs in women around you whom you love, like your sisters, Your mother, your daughter or your wife or any girl in your friend circle. If you are reading this article definitely you will help or motivate women’s in future who are suffering by breast cancer. Let’s understand,
1.What is breast cancer?
2.What are Its causes, Symptoms and precautions?
3.How women’s check breast cancer at home?

Breast Cancer Explanation

Every day many cells are made in our body and many dies. Many times more cells are made in our body than required. There is no need for these cells, they are just unwanted cells, they push those body tissues that actually work in the body. Water we regularly drink, take oxygen or food we eat, all this nutrition is applied to these cells instead of being absorbed in our body, which is harmful for our body and it keeps on increasing day by day. This type of cells known as cancer cells and that form in the breast are called breast cancer. Breast cancer can also occur in one or both breasts.


• Estrogen hormone found in our body is more common in girls than boys. When it is released in our body it gives a signal to your mind to increase the breast which is a natural process. When estrogen released more than required than breast develop more than necessity, and multiply the unwanted cells that are highly responsible for Breast Cancer.

•If a girl gets her first menses before 12-13 years or women who get it after 55 years, they may have more chances of breast cancer.

•If you receive radiation treatments to your chest or work in labs your risk of breast cancer is increased.

•Women after the age of 30 give birth to their first child may have a high risk of breast cancer.

Most Reported Symptoms

•A lump in Armpit
•Swelling of a part of Breast
•Irritation or scratch on breast skin.
•In the nipple area of the breast skin becomes red and scaly
•Pain in the nipple area


• Be physically active by doing regular exercise, and consume a healthy diet which is antioxidant rich.

• Buy a home away from mobile towers or radiation labs.

• By Breastfeeding which is a natural remedy to avoid Breast cancer.

• Say no to Alcohol. If you consume more alcohol it will increase the risk of Breast cancer.

• Maintain a healthy weight.

• Always wear the correct size Bra. Use Good material cloth.

How to Check Breast Cancer at Home

• Firstly, relax on your bed.
• Place a pillow or a towel under your right side’s shoulder.
• Put your right hand at the back of your head.
• Now with your left hand examine each part of your right breast.
• Rotate your three fingers of middle in a circle. Check every part of your Breast with your fingers by moving in a circular direction and check for lumps, bumps, or thick spots.
• Now, repeat this same process for your left Breast by using your right hand.

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