Why celebrate Valentine’s Day ?

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14 of February every year. This year (2024) valentine’s day is celebrated on Wednesday according to Gregorian calendar. Valentine’s day mostly celebrated in United States of America, United kingdom, Denmark ,Canada, France etc. It is also known as lover’s day or saint valentine’s day. In the memory of saint valentine this day is celebrated every year on 14 of February which is the symbol of love and shows the bond between two people.

  Valentine’s day is the day when a person shows his love, care and respect to his loved ones with the surprise gifts by arranging surprise parties, romantic dates with girlfriend/boyfriend or candle light dinner with husband/wife etc. Valentine’s week is very important for the lovers to show their love to their boyfriend/girlfriend. Valentines week is celebrated from 7 of February to 14 of February every year. Starting from Rose day on 7 of February people celebrated propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day ,hug day, kiss day and valentines day is the last day of the valentine’s week celebrated on 14 of February. People gifts chocolates and candies to their lovers. Valentine’s day is mainly celebrated by couples specially by youngsters by giving roses to their lovers on 7 of February on Rose day and propose with the ring on 8 day and doing romantic things in the valentine week.

People show their love and propose by saying “will you be my valentine?” to the person whom they love the most.

As we all know that love doesn’t need a special day to be celebrated but valentine’s day is celebrated as the day for expressing love and remembering togetherness with our loved ones.On 14 of february people exchange the symbols of love with their loved one like cards,chocolates,candies,flowers etc.In 3rd century in Rome people believe valentine’s day celebrated for the love and noble acts done by the catholic saint named saint valentine on 14 of february.

People wear red clothes to show the symbol of love to their loved ones in   offices, parks, colleges etc. In the offices and colleges valentine’s day is celebrated by the people doing dance, giving cards, chocolates, and flowers to each other, laying different kinds of games like dancing of the newspaper by couples which gives joy and excitement among the youngsters for expressing their love. People enjoy theme parties on 14 of February in the hotels, bars, restaurants or private parties that were arranged by their lovers for expressing their love in the private places by spending time with their loved ones and for collecting the memories of togetherness. Couples who were in long distance relationship celebrate the day of love by expressing the love, care, respect and affection by wishing the valentine’s day on WhatsApp status, Writing special messages, calls or Instagram stories they also sent the gift cards, bouquets, teddy bear, red clothes, candies, chocolate boxes and many other symbols of the love to their loved ones.

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